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Create Events. Curate Events. Store Events. Share Events. Comment on Events. Capture events with our shotlist. Edit events with our filters. Archive events to access them when you want to, how you want to, with whom you want to, whenever you want to.

The end of “text that to me”

Stop deleting photos or videos from your phone to free up space. High-res copies* are saved to the cloud for everyone to view and download. No more fuzzy photos held hostage by the one who took them. Instantly download high-resolution photos (that you can print!) and HD videos (that you can play on any screen!) from the cloud to your device of choice.

*High-resolution storage requires a subscription to Premium

High-Quality, Organized Cloud Storage

Never have to delete another photo or video on your smartphone to make space for a new one. in app or upload from your library, and select from a variety of storage solutions to hold on to your content for as long as you want to. Uniquely, high resolution pictures and HD videos are immediately stored in the cloud, and searchable, so you can easily access your content without confusion from any device, at anytime, with anyone.

Many viewpoints.

One complete picture.

Moments are even more enriched when you can see them from each person’s point-of-view. Your galleries complete the picture of a single moment like never before!

Become the Curator

From everyday life experiences to hosting a big event – weddings, major milestones or even a concert or tournament – invite friends to use custom shotlists you design and inspire fellow photographers to capture the best moments while curating content in real-time! 

Features the whole family will love


Create your own custom event galleries with date, time, location, and more details.


Crowdsource videos and pictures by adding contributors to add their content to shared galleries.


Hide, delete, and easily manage files in your shared galleries to create stunning presentations.


Control visibility and access to your events and content with simple and easy privacy settings.

Organize and view related content by subject, person or shot type… anything you can think of.


Contributors can comment on posts, mark their favorites, and share on social networks*.

*Sharing must be enabled under event settings.

No advertising, scanning your content or reselling your personal data. Ever.


HD videos and images are stored in the cloud, so all guests can download and enjoy original files.


Upload individual or multiple files, from any mobile device or desktop during and after events.

Private + Ad-Free

Your memories are your business. With a subscription, your digital footprint is in your control. Galleries remain private and securely stored in the cloud, and only people you invite can view or add more content. No ads interrupting your experience. No scanning your content. No facial recognition or geotracking or tracking your location – this means more intimate memories shared with peace of mind.

Get Premium

check   1 TB of cloud space
check   Create unlimited events and galleries
check   Invite up to 30 guests per event
check   HD uploads/downloads included*
         *Based on your event settings
check   HD backups for as long as your subscription is active

Save 17% compared to monthly!

Your credit card will be charged $99.99/year for the Premium subscription, which will automatically renew every year until you cancel. Your payment data is encrypted and secure.