We’re working hard to finish building a ton of exciting features for Capture.It’s debut later this year. And we’re looking for great users to try it out.

This truly is a beta; things will break. The good news is that your feedback will help us polish off any rough edges and ensure that you and all our fans get the best product possible.

We'll be adding a few new testers each week, so we likely won't get to everyone.
But we definitely need a variety of users who can test the app out in the wild and share their experiences with us.

If you'd like to join the beta, you can sign up here:

What is Capture.it?

Capture.it is the easy and fun way to collect, organize, and share life’s favorite moments. With Capture.it, you can…

Create events for any occasion, keep them forever

Invite friends to add and share content

Enjoy galleries of collected memories

100% private – No cookies, content scanning or annoying ads

Cloud storage of HD videos and high resolution photos

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